Purple Label

Our top product for permanent industrial and trade use or as a safety plus for the demanding private user.


The double-delta-profile is unique in Germany. In combination with a special aluminium alloy, it facilitates use under high stress. Manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 131, they conform to “professional class” ladders. Standard requirements are far exceeded in terms of stability and durability.




Exceptional stability, resistance against dents thanks to the punch resist effect, and the special side rail geometry are core aspects for safety and ergonomics. The side rail design stands for great grip, and prevents fatigue of hand muscles under intensive use.


The additional anodised surface finish offers the following advantages:

  • No more black hands from aluminium dust
  • Ideally suitable for exterior applications
  • Reliable corrosion protection
  • Extremely hard and scratch-resistant surface


Purple Label is available in the following variants:


Stepladder Rung ladder
Single ladder Single ladder
Free-standing ladder with safety bridge and storage tray 2-part single ladder
Free-standing ladder with access from both sides 2-part single ladder with cable pull
Treads in various widths 3-part single ladder

2-part combi ladder


3-part combi ladder


Useful details:



  • All side and hand rails are anodised 
  • Resistance of dents thanks to the punch resist effect
  • Extra wide 35x35 mm rungs and 80 mm steps for comfortable and secure hold
  • Rungs and steps with fluting increase slip-resistance
  • Flanged connection from side rail to rung and step as a permanently stable connection
  • Extremely slip-resistant latter bases, replaceable when worn


Rung ladder

  • Extremely wide ladder with 46 cm clear span for safe standing
  • Castors at top end, depending on type



  • Hand rails for stepladders
  • Safety step for stepladders increases standing area to 130 mm, and is simply clipped on
  • Brake rollers for treads
  • Safety brackets for treads
  • Hooks and suspension units for single stepladders